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Mastering Focus

In the ceaseless torrent of digital distractions, reclaiming your focus is not just a battle; it's a strategic conquest. Leila Hormozi, the visionary CEO of, shares her ingenious approach to turning the very source of distractions into a tool for heightened productivity. Here are Leila's insider tips for crafting a focus zone that shields you from the relentless pull of notifications and keeps you in command of your workflow.

Creating a focus zone demands a tactical approach. Leila's first pro-tip is a game-changer – physically distance yourself from the epicenter of distractions. Your cell phone, the harbinger of notifications, should not just be out of reach but on the other side of the room. This intentional separation sets the stage for uninterrupted deep work, allowing you to navigate the seas of productivity without being constantly pulled off course.

Silence, the unsung hero in the battle against distractions. Leila's second tip advocates for muting the digital sirens – silence your phone. By doing so, you not only escape the auditory assaults of notifications but also create a serene acoustic space conducive to focused work. The absence of constant pings transforms your environment into a fortress of concentration, shielding you from the relentless onslaught of distractions.

The allure of a buzzing phone, the temptation to check for updates – it's a magnetic pull that demands resistance. Leila's third tip introduces a powerful psychological hack – do not touch the phone until you've conquered your major task. By delaying the gratification of checking your device, you channel your focus into the task at hand. The phone transforms from a distractor to a reward, creating a positive reinforcement loop that strengthens your commitment to deep work.


In the digital age, where distractions lurk around every virtual corner, Leila's approach embodies a fundamental truth – flee from distractions, don't try to resist them. Placing your phone out of reach, silencing its notifications, and delaying its touch are not acts of resistance; they are strategic retreats that allow you to navigate the labyrinth of focus without succumbing to the distractions that perennially seek to win your attention.

In the constant barrage of digital distractions, the ability to create spaces free from interruption is a superpower. Leila Hormozi's pro-tips serve as a blueprint for crafting your focus sanctuary, where the element of distraction is not resisted but entirely avoided. In today's hyper-connected world, mastering focus is not just a skill; it's a necessity for those who seek to rise above the din and accomplish meaningful, distraction-free work.